01.10.2020 | News

Where to install the tow bar with the electric wiring kit?

If you are faced with the dilemma which workshop to choose for the installation of a tow bar and electric wiring kit -welcome to visit us! Installation of the tow bar is a task requiring experience. Our company has been installing tow bars and electric wiring kits since 2011.

Why us?

We have many years of experience and provide about 200 installation services per year. With each subsequent installation, we are working more and more efficiently. In our warehouse there are hundreds of products available at hand, which allows you to immediately implement the service on site.

We have experience in installing tow bars from such manufacturers as Westfalia, Auto-Hak, Steinhof, Imioła Hak-Pol.

Electric wiring kits – what for?

For the correct installation of a tow bar, it is necessary to equip the car with an additional electrical installation that will transmit signals to the trailer or bicycle rack lights. Depending on the model of the car and the requirements of the customer, we install universal and dedicated electric wiring kit.

We also encode dedicated electric wiring kits of Westfalia.

Which tow bar to choose?

Permanent tow bar with unscrewed ball? Tow bar with a ball removed without tools? Tow bar installed horizontally, or with the option of installing vertically? 7 pin or 13 pin plug? Dedicated or universal wiring kit? With bypass relay or without?

We will be happy to answer these and other questions. Contact us and we will find a solution tailored to your requirements.

Where to install the tow bar with the electric wiring kit?