Tow bars

We are the distributor of the world's largest and most recognized tow bar manufacturers. In the sales offer of each of them there are thousands of products tailored not only to the brand or model of the car, but also to the age group, body type or equipment type. The products have the appropriate approvals and are made of high quality materials, which guarantee reliability and durability.

Thanks to the cooperation with the largest manufacturers in Europe, we can offer a wide range of products in every price range.

In our own warehouse we have thousands of popular models of tow bars, which significantly shorten the deadlines for orders.

Bike carriers on a tow bar

Developing the range of bike carriers installed on the tow bar, we focused primarily on the requirements of our customers. We have a wide range of products, including economical versions of products and the most advanced with extensive functionality.

Which bike carriers do we offer?

  • allowing to take 1, 2, 3 or 4 bicycles
  • with plugs 7 PIN or 13 PIN
  • with folding function for easy storage and transfer
  • always in modern colours – black and silver
  • heavier models made of steel or lighter ones made of aluminium
  • for the transport of heavy electric bicycles and small children's bicycles
  • with the option of extension with the possibility of carrying an additional bicycle or luggage box
  • with detachable arms for fixing the frame, individually extendable skids for attaching the wheels, the possibility of rotating, with locks to protect against theft of bicycles and the carrier itself and other interesting features

Roof boxes

We offer products of recognized world brands: THULE and Modula Case System.

A wide range of products with different features perfectly gives the opportunity to tailor the right product according to customers’ preferences and requirements. 

Which roof boxes do we offer?

  • from 310 to 650 l
  • from 128 to 235 cm
  • the most popular colours – black, white and anthracite
  • products with one-sided and two-sided opening of the top cover
  • the roof boxes are designed to carry various types of things: sports equipment, luggage or a baby stroller
  • products with a smooth, exclusive and embossed structure to prevent damage

 A diverse range of prices makes every customer find a product for themselves.

Cooperation with transport companies allows us to offer the shipping of roof boxes with attractive prices.

Roof racks

Roof rack is additional equipment of the vehicle that allows you to install a roof box, a ski holder, a bike carrier or, for example, to transport a ladder. Roof rack is selected on the basis of the brand, model, body type, age group and the roof of the vehicle.

We offer roof racks for cars and vans, universal and tailored to a specific car model. They can be equipped with durable, budget steel crossbars or more expensive aluminium crossbars with a functional “T” profile.

We offer roof racks installed on different types of roofs i.e.:

  • standard rails
  • integrated rails
  • installation points
  • installing “T” profile
  • basic roof without any special installing points
  • rain gutter profile

Ski car racks

A cheaper alternative to the roof box, which allows you to carry winter sports equipment such as skis or snowboards, is a special ski rack installed on the roof of a car. In our sales offer you will find products that allow you to transport up to 8 pairs of skis.

Choose a steel or aluminium ski rack-both are available in two colours: black and silver. The largest ski rack, which can hold 8 pairs of skis, has the ability to open from both sides, which makes it much easier to attach ski equipment.

Car mats

In our assortment you will find high-quality rubber car mats useful in every vehicle. We offer a wide range of dedicated products for the most popular passenger and delivery vehicles. Precisely designed and perfectly matched to the shape of the vehicle's floor panel, taking into account the car's make, model, year and body version. This approach makes assembly easy and extremely fast, and does not require any unnecessary changes to the product. 

In our own warehouse, we have thousands of sets adapted to popular car models, which significantly shortens the delivery times.

Our partners:

Roof bike carriers

It is a great alternative for bike carriers installed on a tow bar or rear boot. They will be appreciated by anyone who wants to transport bicycles to a specific place only once in a while. Their biggest advantages are such features as low price, light weight and no need to use a tow bar.  Bike carriers on roof occupy unused space on the roof and do not block access to the boot of the car.

Which Bike carriers on roof do we offer?

  • made of aluminium or steel
  • in black or silver
  • with anti-theft protection
  • with safety certificates
  • installed by means of “T” profile inserts or cybants covering the crossbars

Boot bike racks

It is an inexpensive solution that allows you to travel with up to three bicycles. Mostly these are universal aluminium structures that fit different body types of cars. They are easily installed to boot of the vehicle using six belts. The lightweight and compact design means that the product takes little space when folded, allowing for more convenient storage. 

Our partners:

Spare wheel carriers


A universal boot rack for bicycles, skis and snowboards for vehicles on a spare wheel on the back of a car:

  • universal - installing on all back spare wheels of off-road vehicles
  • guaranteed lightness and solidity of the product thanks to the use of Arc-welded aluminium
  • quick tool-free installation thanks to variable lever locking system

Bike carriers BICI for 2 bicycles:

  • wheelbase 1100 mm, wheel width max. 51 mm
  • for bicycles with a frame diameter of 30-50 mm
  • rail length 1200 mm

SKI & BOARD car rack

possible sets:

  • 6 pairs of skis
  • 4 snowboards
  • 3 pairs of skis and 2 snowboards

Our partners:

Electric wiring kits for tow bars

We have developed our offer to offer optimal solutions. Cooperation with us guarantees not only proven and safe products at attractive prices, but also full technical support based on long-term experience in the industry.

We offer both universal and wiring kits tailored to a specific model.

Our partners:

Luggage boxes on a tow bar

This product is perfect for transporting a variety of luggage, such as equipment for diving, kite surfing or for winter sports. The location of the box behind the car significantly reduces air resistance and improves the comfort of use compared to the classic location on the roof of the vehicle.

Which luggage boxes do we offer?

  • capacity up to 400 L
  • with the possibility of rotating the platform, which makes access to the boot of the vehicle easier
  • with special 3D embossed ABS structure (scratch resistance, UV protection)
  • equipped with a central Two-Point key lock
  • the modern design with numerous relieves fits perfectly into the latest vehicle styling
  • bicycles can be transported on the platform after the luggage box is removed

Snow chains on wheels

In our sales offer you will find snow chains irreplaceable in difficult winter conditions.

What distinguishes snow chains of Modula?

  • they combine the speed and ease of textile chain installation with the durability of steel chains
  • manufacturer's warranty is 5 years!
  • simple and intuitive installation in 2 minutes
  • the lack of contact of the snow chain elements with the wheel makes it impossible to damage it
  • very good grip on snow and ice
  • compliant with French regulations and Austrian ÖNORM V5117 certificate
  • maximum driving speed 50 km/h
  • for cars, SUVs and vans up to 3.5 tonnes
  • ideal for vehicles with limited space between the tire and suspension components

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We have a modern high storage warehouse with space for thousands of products.

Our specialists have developed an optimal and efficient system of product storage, installation and shipment, which allows the rapid execution of orders – even within one working day.



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